Stacy Barker

Stacy grew up in the arena roping and hazing for her dad, who was a steer wrestler. She has been involved with rodeo her entire life. For the last 25 years, she has been breakaway roping. Also, she has been producing roping clinics for the last 15 years. 
She has been blessed to have won multiple rodeos, buckles, and prizes through the years. Also, Stacy has qualified for the NPRA and Pro West Finals several times. Recently, some of her greatest joy has come from watching her roping students become successful and competitive. 
Stacy has been lucky enough to have been surrounded by individuals over the years who have spent endless hours sharing their knowledge of the sport and of their horsemanship methods. At this point in her life, her goal is to continue to promote the event of breakaway roping and encourage more young people to become involved in the sport. 
She feels blessed to be associated with a company like Team Equine who is passionate about making quality products for our equine athletes. They have gone out of their way to support her, her horses, and her roping clinics. She has put many Team Equine products to good use including saddle pads, saddle pad liners, and protective boots. The quality saddle pads help to ensure that the saddles fit properly and allow her equine athletes perform at their full potential. She knows if you give Team Equine a try, you won't be disappointed.