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Custom Fit-My Horse/Mule

If you are tired of ill-fitting saddles and a tack room full of saddle pads that just don’t fit your horses or mules, we are here to help you. Team Equine has been custom-fitting horses and mules since 1999 and is here to help you find your next “Custom Built” saddle pad. We specialize in fitting all horses and mules from “standard back” to the frustrating “hard to fit” horses and mules. Before you give up, please consider contacting us, and trust in Team Equine to help you and your horse or mule achieve greater performance and comfort while riding.

We are proud to offer complimentary online saddle pad fitting consultations with suggestions for prospective customers. Please note our suggestions are not a perfect science and therefore we can offer no guarantees other than we are doing our diligence to give you what we think will help your horse or mule right now under the saddle you discuss and send us pictures of in the email. Our goal is to help you or your local dealer determine which of our saddle pads will work best for your needs.

Getting started is easy just send us the following photos as shown of your horse or mule “standing square with its head up” with and without saddle after your next ride to Please include any comments you may have in regards to your horse or mule’s age, history, or saddle fitting issues. Upon receiving your information, we will review and offer feedback on a great-fitting saddle pad solution within a few days after receipt of your email. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know and we would be happy to help you. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you have a blessed day.