Kristin Yde

Competing on the back of a horse is nothing new to Kristin. Her dad use to compete in cutting and team penning. Although she started off riding English, her dad convinced her to give barrel racing a try when she was 10. She quickly fell in love with the sport. 16 years later this love has only grown stronger. 
Kristin has seen much success in her career thus far. There is a long list of championships and accomplishments to her name. Some of which include winning the SRA in 2016 and 2017, SEBRA in 2016, qualifying for the IFR in her rookie year, and making the American semifinals.
She is very excited about representing Team Equine. Being affiliated with a Christian based company is something that is very important to her. She likes how everyone is so personable and willing to help find a perfect fit. Kristin knows the quality of their products speak for themselves. Upon using their saddle pads, she immediately saw how they prevented her saddles from rolling. This keeps her horses sound, comfortable, and able to perform at their peak. With no saddle roll or slippage, it enables her to feel safe and focused on the task at hand. 
Kristin's future is bright and her goals are big. While continuing to compete in many associations, she looks to fill her WPRA permit this year as well. She also wants to encourage others to try Team Equine's products that have helped her along the rodeo trail. She feels that the products are durable, quality made, and supporting a small business that backs their products is important.
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