Jonath Robles

Jonath has always believed in second chances. Being a clinician, focusing on starting colts and working with horses that have problems using Natural Horsemanship, has given him the ability to give these horses just that, a second chance. He loves to show people that there are other ways of helping problem horses without having to be rough or having the horse do something out of intimidation. This, also, resonates when starting colts. He enjoys educating people on how to properly start a colt with a solid foundation that will help them both in the future. 
Having been training for many years, he has spent the last several years traveling professionally giving clinics. His hard work has paid off. He won his first buckle ever in 2014 during a colt starting competition. Just two years later, he was one of eight trainers that qualified for the National Colt Starting Finals during the NFR in 2016. 
He is incredibly happy and fortunate to be able to be a part of Team Equine. He feels generally blessed to have such a great company have faith in him and his training program. All of Team Equine products are utilized in his training programs, from saddle pads to t-shirts. He knows the products have benefitted his horses greatly. First and foremost, his horses are comfortable. Secondly, they look great wearing the gear! When he is working young colts, he enjoys having the light weight of the saddle pads. Needing tack that will be durable, but, also, easy for him to carry around is crucial.
Jonath encourages people to buy any Team Equine product, because they will not be disappointed. He has been impressed with all of the gear and uses it on 8 to 10 horses a day without any worry that the horses are comfortable, that they are being protected correctly, and that he doesn't have to worry about the durability of the products he's using.