Johnny McDonnell

Johnny grew up cutting his teeth in ranch rodeos. He competed through high school and college and then for several years once he moved to Texas. After encouragement from a friend, he made the full switch to team roping.
Over the past couple years, he has won and placed at multiple roping events. Most recently, he won the #9 "Turkey Trot." This win qualified him for an invitation to the prestigious "Champion of Champions" event. 
Johnny looks to compete at the highest level he possibly can, while continuing to give back to his community, business, and family. For 2017, his goal is to get at least two qualifications to the ‘’World Series of Team Roping’’ held in Las Vegas.
He has noticed that the staff at Team Equine cares about every stitch that goes into their products. He is honored to be a part of such a fantastic family owned and operated business. While the Team Equine apparel keeps him looking good outside of the arena, the protective boots and Double Crossed saddle pad help him perform well inside. He uses that combination every time he rides and on every horse. He finds that this equipment holds up extremely well to daily and competitive use. It helps his horses to not become sore after training and competing, which is most important to him. Being custom made at affordable prices with its quality guarantee is something he feels is unmatched and is proud to represent.