Dustin Suppah

Dustin grew up in a world where rodeo was not a sport, it was a lifestyle. It has been the only way he has known to live. Team roping was a natural fit for him, because as long as he can remember, he was on the back of a horse tossing a rope. He credits many around him who each gave a part of what he knows today. The last six years he has been roping competitively and even placed in the top 10 in his division at the 2016 World Series of Team Roping in Las Vegas.
He looks to continue to develop his skills as a Native American athlete and to create new opportunities that will help him achieve his goals. While he loves to travel the rodeo road, he always finds time to spend with his family.
Representing Team Equine has been exciting for him, mostly, because it is a new learning experience. He sees how positive it has been not only to his life but for other Native athletes.
When you spend as much time as Dustin does on a horse, the equipment makes all of the difference. He started using Team Equine products to gain an edge in a sport where tenths of a second matter. He quickly noticed a solid foundation of craftsmanship. Their saddle pads and protective boots have delivered beyond his expectations. He suggests to anyone wanting to gain a competitive edge to look into Team Equine products.