Bobbi Jo Newman

Growing up, Bobbi Jo performed competitively for over 10 years in three day eventing. Dressage taught her many things including how to take care of an equine athlete, courage, and how to properly condition. It wasn't until high school during the Oregon High School Equestrian Team that she found her passion for gaming events and being in the rodeo world. The adrenaline rush of turning a 1,000 pound animal around a barrel at a high rate of speed was something that she began to crave. The crowd cheering you on was also a huge bonus.
Bobby Jo has been barrel racing competitively for six years now. Her greatest joy comes from giving her animals a job and a purpose. That has always been the highlight of her career. It is so rewarding for her to bring home a horse that knows absolutely nothing and within a year having them compete. Creating a champion out of an animal she has devoted so many hours to is what continues to fuel her passion. 
Although she is currently competing in the North East Professional Rodeo Association, she looks to begin competing in the WPRA and travel the professional rodeo circuit across America. 
She has used Team Equine products for many years and now feels it is a huge honor to be a part of their team. To her, it is a huge security blanket for her horses and her to have the comfort and protection of custom building your own pad. Her horses’ sweat marks under the saddles are always perfect after a competition, regular workday, or a conditioning day. Not only does she have 100% faith in their quality custom saddle pads, but their sport boots, bell boots, and cinches have always been her number one go to over all other products. It brings her comfort to know that no matter which one of her horses she rides, Team Equine has the perfect saddle pad to fit each horse.
Since she started using Team Equine equipment several years ago, she has noticed a huge difference in the comfort under saddle. She shaved seconds off her time and even her equine massage therapist has made several comments on how supple and soft her horses’ back are. This has greatly helped her mental confidence as well. These factors alone are why she encourages everyone to give Team Equine a try.