Tessa Plagman

Tessa's parents have been riding horses for years and passed that love onto their daughter. She has been on a horse since she could sit up. Although she has dabbled in gaming, she has mainly showed performance horses. She started to grow a love for running barrel horses, and for the last half of a decade this young cowgirl hasn't looked back.
She has qualified to the Oregon State Fair for the last four years in a row. She has branched out and started going to more races. Here, she has found success winning many of the divisions. Consistently, she is within the top five girls placing at the rodeos she has entered.
She sees herself in the future filling her WPRA permit and to start rodeoing professionally. Of course, her career would not be complete without a trip to the NFR! Her involvement with the Team Equine has been amazing because she feels they are great people who truly care about making customers happy and keeping their horses comfortable. She favors their saddle pads and knows they have benefited her and her horse’s performance. She can always count on them during a run. To her, all Team Equine's products are long lasting and will keep your horse comfortable and performing at its best.