Jessi Jo Stanfill

Jesse Jo was fortunate enough to be born into an equine family. Her mother broke colts and trained horses for Olympic events. She grew up riding colts and showing in both English and Western. At the age of 10, she entered her first barrel race and has been hooked on speed events ever since. It has been 13 years since her first race, and her love is just as strong.
She has won multiple rodeos, jackpots, and colt starting competitions. She turned her passion into a way of life. She now starts colts and trains barrel horses. She is kept busy by having 10 outside horses booked every month. Jesse Jo also appears on the television show The Most Wanted List. In 2017 it will be focused solely on hunting and barrel racing. She is beyond grateful to have the opportunity to showcase her talents both in the arena and on national television. 
Like any rodeo contestant, she dreams of making it to the NFR. She wants to continue to build her brand and plans on trying to qualify for the American. She also wants to share her years of knowledge and put on a few clinics.
She is excited that the Team Equine saddle pads are not only beautiful and unique, but they also stand up to every day riding and competing every week. To her, it is a rare thing to find a saddle pad strong enough to endure both conditions. While riding numerous horses, she has found that the pads will fit most every horse she has put them on.
She encourages anyone, whether they are having a problem with saddle fitting, or just looking for a gorgeous, long-lasting and affordable pad to get one. She feels Team Equine pays great attention to the fact that each horse has a different shaped back. No matter the discipline, they have a pad that will suit you and your equine partner.
As a proud user of Team Equine saddle pads, she really enjoys not only their quality, but how helpful and approachable everyone is at the company. Being able to enjoy the people behind the brand and form a great relationship are key to any successful sponsorship.