Jason Swick

Jason has been quite passionate about horsemanship for some time. He has felt a need to carry on the teachings of established horseman for the benefit of the performance horse. As he learns, Jason looks to honor the great horseman and all of their efforts and sacrifices by carrying on their horsemanship theology. Likewise, he one day hopes to develop his own style and start teaching horsemanship to others. 
Jason is also passionate about the Team Equine brand. He feels they provide a variety of products that have the ability to protect the horse, as well as give the rider the ability to feel and communicate with their horse. The flexibility and affordability of Team Equine's products allow people to better equip their horses. This in turn provides the horse with a higher level of comfort and allows for better performance. 
He is honored to be affiliated with a company that doesn't focus solely on the bottom line, but one that places the focus on the horse’s success. Moreover, he feels that the brand is a great vehicle for evangelism. He looks to grow with Team Equine in the years to come.