Dani Howard

Dani's family has been involved in rodeo since she was very little. Her mom was on the rodeo board for many years, and her dad was on the Sheriff's Posse. Growing up in the rodeo environment, she always idolized the barrel racers. When she was old enough, she started barrel racing in 4H and local races. Her passion quickly grew from there. Not only did she begin barrel racing in the fourth grade, she started competing in gaming as well. She eventually moved on to the Oregon High School Equestrian Team and High School Rodeo. She has won multiple High Point Championships and Buckles at local races. In 2016, she was a Timed Event Competitors Association Top 10 Rider of the Year. She also finished 2016 in the top 5 for the Appaloosa Horse Association ACAAP in both barrel racing and gaming events. She looks to continue with the Oregon Barrel Racing Association, as well as, trying to qualify for the NPRA finals.

She loves Team Equine and their products and feels that working with them has been quite an honor. She is even more excited with how their products have helped her horse. The New Tradition saddle pads have made more of a difference in her mare’s performance than any other pad she has used. The custom build and custom fit is unmatched by other products. It keeps her horse running strong, so they both can succeed. She has found that the custom fit has freed up her horse’s shoulder, and she is now more fluid around the barrels. 

Dani has found that Team Equine has been extremely easy to work with, and the company is made up of amazing people. Working with them to get the right fit is a breeze, and their saddle pads are, by far, the best she has used. If you want a saddle pad that will not only last, but will actually fit your horse correctly, look no further than Team Equine.