Ashley Jones

Unlike many rodeo athletes, Ashley did not grow up in a family with horses. Her love of horses began after a school field trip to a horse rescue facility. She began riding shortly thereafter and quickly fell in love with the sport of barrel racing. Since her start, she has qualified for numerous NBHA State and World Finals. She finished in the top 20 Youth World the last two years she was eligible. 
Next to her faith, family has played the most pivotal role at shaping the person Ashley has become. Her uncle was paralyzed from a fall when he was only nine years old. Through him and her family who has always rallied around and supported each other, she has learned the importance of hard work and never giving up. She carries the same traits into her barrel racing career and a clear vision God has provided for her life. As her goal of turning her passion into a career has begun, not only does this include a desire to make the NFR, but it also includes to continue and build the platform God has given her and to inspire others to go make their dreams become a reality.
Her success carried over into rodeos having qualified for the SPRA finals and ending the season in the top five. Placings in individual rodeos have been too many to count and have included pulling checks in the PRCA against the best in the business. She now competes in the PRCA, PCA, IPRA, and SPRA. Even with her quick success, Ashley will be the first to tell you she learns something new every time she gets on a horse. This humility has also helped her as she interacts with people throughout the rodeo community. Sponsors enjoy seeing her interacting with fans in representing their products in such a positive light, but for Ashley, she is just being herself. Being in the spotlight is nothing new for her after having appeared on her uncle’s nationally aired television show, Unlimited Outdoors, since she was little.
She is beyond grateful to get to represent a company like Team Equine. Not only is she impressed with the great quality of products, but with the amazing people behind them. Being a Team Equine sponsored athlete for several years, she cannot remember the last time she has competed without one of their saddle pads or protective boots. 
Her saddle pads keep her saddles from moving, and she does not have to constantly readjust everything. Before swapping to their protective boots she used polo wraps. She has found the boots are much easier to put on and fit her horses perfectly. Not only does her Team Equine gear look great, it lasts a long time. She feels that Team Equine products have changed the way her and her horses perform in a positive way. Not only are the products great, but the people behind them are creative and come up with innovative ideas. She feels that anyone is missing out if they don't ride and compete with Team Equine products.