Alex Owen

Training horses and assisting people in their interaction with their horses is the greatest passion in Alex’s life. He strongly believes that putting a great foundation on a horse is one of the most important stepping stones to a successful future in any discipline with any horse. Teaching people how to work with their horses and developing an accomplish-able path to success is what his program is about.
Alex’s journey with horses started out when he was a young boy. His grandparents had a paint horse in their pasture and he had no clue what it was. He would just watch this large animal for hours in awe. One day he finally came up to Alex and sniffed his hand. From that moment on he knew his life would be forever changed. Alex made it his life’s work to build a program that would give people and horses the same joy he was blessed with that day in his grandparent's pasture.
He has come an extremely long way since that day years ago. Last year alone he started and trained more than 100 horses. He still finds the time to compete in colt starting shows and putting on clinics. His hard work has paid off and he has become one of the preferred trainers in Idaho.
Team Equine saddle pads and sport boots have become a vital piece of Alex’s training program. He understands how crucial it is to have products that will hold up to the rigors of training horses. He also feels that Team Equine products are the best fitting he has found. With the mass selection of pads on the market today, he advises everyone to do their research and he believes they too will prefer the customization Team Equine offers.